Our values

Our values

The values of 4-22 Foundation inform and inspire everything that we do.

We are passionate about our vision for supporting young people, positive that our holistic, integrated and long-term approach has the potential to transform young lives.

We act always with integrity, motivated to build the highest levels of trust, honesty, transparency and respect with all of our beneficiaries, staff, volunteers and partners.

Our community-led approach is key to all of our programmes. The effective outreach, dialogue and evaluation that we practice within our local communities ensures that we can directly respond to the actual needs and real problems of those most disrupted by disadvantage.

We are totally committed to achieving best practice in all areas of our work. As such, we actively listen and learn, adopting a strongly evidence-based approach to our programme, our projects and their impact.

We nurture the inspiration and motivation of our young beneficiaries, helping them to achieve the most that they can. When inspired and motivated, they are then able to seek out and take advantage of every positive opportunity and experience that comes their way. Our team of trustees, staff and volunteers each strives to foster a shared culture and example of inspiration and motivation.